KTMW TV20 - Salt Lake City, USA - Online Sehen


This station has on going sound problems day after day. It never seems to get fixed . If you try to call you can't get through. Sure would hate to be a advertising on this station, you not getting your money's worth. I like the programming but you can't watch it. Seeing as if been going on for a while I think I will start calling their advertisers, and let them know what going on. Maybe if the money stops they will get things fixed or maybe it's so poorly run they don't have the money to fix it


KTMW TV-20 is one of the best stations in Salt Lake City, Utah with the great management and programs. It's wonderful they are now live streaming and seen outside their local viewing area.


Vik Moore

Bring back SHAWN!!!

Okt. 17, 2013, 5:52 nachm. GMT