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Truly enjoyed the song by Tony Wilmot called the Mercy Tree. Wonderful song and blessing. Would love to hear more of his songs on here.

Okt. 8, 2014, 12:30 vorm. GMT


Dianne Sexton

PEDITOR AND RESIDENTS OF IOWA Are you Kidding ME? I am thinking of starting a movement on social media to ask EVERY HISPANIC VISITOR to refrain from visiting Iowa for the next 2 years as a protest because of the documented way you profiled ONE of my Pastors who was preaching in one of YOUR local chu see more... rches who asked him to. I am also thinking about asking EVERY CHRISTIAN HOMRDCHOOL FAMILY TO JOIN IN AS A LESSON IN HOMESCHOOL CIVICS CLASS AND GIVE PROJECT CREDIT FOR THE YEAR IF IT IS NOTICED APPROPRIATELY AS AN A counting it as one third of the yearly grade. I am also asking EVERY PERSON OF GOD TO STAND AND CANCEL ALL BUSINESS AND VISITS FOR PLEASURE TO THE STATE UNTL THIS IS FIXED SINCE IT WILL BE HISPANICS AND MINORITIES TODAY ............BELIEVERS TOMORROW. I am asking EVERY Church who cares about their PASTOR to stand for ours. YOURS IS NEXT. I am asking every person with a disability to watch this as MANY Persons with disabilities are sadly mistaken as Persons under the influence of drugs I'M just sayin......AND PRAYING IF I am Hearing from the Lord on this....astor Tony Suarez was detained by police last night after preaching and accused of being druggie because he is Hispanic Look It Up

Juni 15, 2014, 4:56 nachm. GMT